Vistage Peer Advisory Group

Based in sacramento, california

What is a Peer Advisory Group?

A peer advisory group is a unique opportunity to grow as a leader so you can grow your business faster.

The concept is simple but the results are powerful. 

Dedicate one day per month to work on your business, not in your business. Use that time—and the input and perspective of 15 CEO colleagues and your executive coach—to make high-level strategic decisions. With Vistage, you’ll accelerate success while working smarter, not harder.

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Does Vistage Work?

Short answer—absolutely! Companies headed by Vistage peer advisory members grow 2.2x faster than non-members’ companies. 

And when times are difficult (like today), the support, skills, and collaborative problem-solving gained through a peer advisory group really pay off. During the Great Recession, for example, Vistage members’ companies grew 5.8% while most competitors struggled to survive.

Just as important as the revenue figures, however, are the personal exploration, goal-setting, and accountability built into Vistage’s proven process. You’ll come to know yourself better and be better to yourself because of the work you put in with Vistage. 

3 Features of Vistage Membership

Peer Advisory Group

Tackle your greatest challenges in monthly, coach-moderated collaborations with CEO colleagues in the Sacramento area. 

Supportive, 100% Confidential
Solutions Focused

Executive Coaching

Dig deeper into your high-priority issues and opportunities working directly with executive coach Bill Niemi.

Personalized, Accountability Driven
Accelerated Results

Expert Speakers Bureau

Hear the latest strategies, innovations, and real-world solutions from industry leaders and subject matter experts. 

Member-Chosen Topics, Interactive Sessions, Elite Presenters

If you’re among the 99% of executives who don’t have a peer advisory group, it’s time to ask why. Don’t you deserve the unbiased input and accelerated results participation can bring? Even if you already have an executive mentor, a peer advisory group and its integrated coaching and learning opportunities are a perfect complement.


Ready to Roll?

A Vistage peer advisory and coaching experience is transformative, but not all business owners and CEOs are good candidates.

This Sacramento-area Vistage Peer Advisory is designed for experienced executives leading companies with annual revenues of $5 million to $500 million. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, family-owned businesses, closely-held private companies, and divisions of national enterprises all qualify, and each group’s members are selected from non-competing industries.

More important than the size of the company are the characteristics a member brings to the group. The Vistage experience rewards individuals who are prepared to engage in deep exploration toward personal and professional growth.

If you’re ready to break through, Vistage may be for you.


Vistage Member Characteristics

  • Curious & Self-Aware

  • Focused & Disciplined

  • Lifelong Learner

  • Open to Vulnerability

  • Compassionate & Reliable

  • Accountable to the Group

  • Protective of Members’ Confidentiality


DEREK DERDIVANIS Is An Award-winning VISTAGE MASTER CHAIR With More Than 30 Years Experience In Business And 10 Years As A Vistage Chair. Derek Specializes In CEO Mentoring, CEO Coaching, And Business Coaching. His Members In The Monterey Region Are Dedicated To Becoming Better Leaders Who Make Better Decisions And Get Better Results.

Need More Info?

Finding the right executive coach and peer advisory group is a very personal process.
A conversation is the best way to see if our perspectives align.