The Man, The myth, The legend

Who is Bill Niemi?

Bill Niemi

Executive Coach & Vistage Chair in Sacramento

I’ve worn many hats (and helmets). So have you.

My goal as an executive coach and peer advisory group facilitator is to help you balance the many roles you play, so you can achieve your vision of success.

I draw on a long (35+ years) and diverse (see above) career to guide CEOs, business owners, and executives in:

      ·        Overcoming business and personal obstacles
·        Navigating turning points at their company and in their lives
·        Assembling the right group of people to create a high-performance team
·        Setting the course for rapid, sustained growth while leaving time for the things that matter

A Long Story Short

My professional bio starts with a stint as an accountant for PricewaterhouseCoopers. I didn’t labor in the finance trenches for long, however, before I was tapped to overhaul FPI Multifamily Developers. There, I found two great passions—real estate and business turnarounds.

While still in my 20s, I was elevated to FPI’s CEO and grew the company to become the nation’s 10th largest multifamily property manager. With its future secured, I moved on to apply my skills as a business consultant for a variety of companies.

An engagement with Dunmore Homes pulled me back into full-time management. As President, I steered that enterprise through a recession to achieve significant growth and $300 million in annual revenues.

In 2005, I transitioned again, selling my share in Dunmore to the founder’s son to carry on their family tradition. I then launched Niemi Development Partners to focus on land acquisition opportunities and open more time for philanthropy and personal goals—including coaching and mentoring other business leaders, just as my predecessors coached me.

What I Care About

First in all things is FAMILY. My amazing wife, Beth. Two wonderful daughters, Holly and Kelly. And some fast-growing grandkids, Parker, Landen & Christian, whom I can only strive to keep up with.

I also have an abiding interest in community, shelter for the homeless, and the quality of our built environment. I’m currently on the board of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation, and I’m proud to have co-founded HomeAid of Sacramento, to serve on its board, and to have been a key benefactor.

Beth and I have also provided major support for the historic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento, the California Homebuilding Foundation, the Los Rios Colleges Foundation, and the American Red Cross. 


Bill Niemi’s contributions to the industry and community have been recognized with the following awards:

  • North State Building Industry Association – California Homebuilding Foundation Hall of Fame June 8, 2010 BIA North State Builder July/August 2010
  • North State BIA Life Director 2008
  • Home Aid Building Hope Award -Visionary 2006
  • California Building Industry Association Chairman’s award for Outstanding Service 2007
  • North State BIA Meritorious Award for Contributions to the Association 2005
  • North State BIA Don McCormick Memorial President’s 1999


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